At Dorsia Provisions our A5 Japanese Wagyu programs offered are a testament to the commitment of the ranchers who adhere to the highest of standards of Japanese A5 Wagyu and their prefectures and then often exceed them. Our focus is on single farms, cooperatives, and the most unique and rarest offerings available allow us to separate ourselves from the competition.


Explore the opulent flavors within our Wagyu selection, which features the premier domestic offering in Masami Ranch Wagyu—a symbol of precision breeding and superior marbling from Northern California, which Dorsia Provisions serves as the exclusive Northern California Distributor for.  Additionally, indulge in the epitome of Wagyu excellence as you savor the most exquisite offerings from Shiga Omi, Kagawa, and Ozaki of Miyazaki. In each prefecture, a harmonious blend of unique climate, meticulous cattle rearing practices, and an unwavering dedication to quality converges to create an unparalleled taste of Japan's culinary artistry.


Completing our wagyu program with the legendary Kobe Wine & Sunflower Beef programs, where cattle are raised amidst unparalleled  landscapes. Together, our collection invites you to experience Wagyu like never before, showcasing the diverse and exceptional craftsmanship that defines the world of premium beef.