In many ways Dorsia Provisions started as a truffle company. The hustle of the truffle season has many ups and downs, but is exhilarating in so many ways. While truffles are available almost year-round in some form, the most celebrated are the Tuber Magnatum (or White “Alba” Truffle), whose musky splendor sends canines in Europe into a frenzy in mid-September, and the Tuber Melanosporum (or Black “Perigord” Truffle) which is unearthed in late December. The excitement of the first white "Albas" of the year gives way to a divided interest when black "Perigords" begin to pop up in early December. The end of white truffle season at year's end is met with both great sadness and great relief, after making it through another successful, turbulent voyage with the mercurial white mistress. I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I hope that the time tested knowledge and expertise that we implore here allows Dorsia Provisions to be your preferred truffle supplier, whether you are buying a few grams or a few kilos!

Our passion doesn't stop at truffles; it extends to a diverse array of mushrooms, each boasting its own unique character and immense culinary potential. At Dorsia Provisions, we are dedicated to delivering the finest nature has to offer from local cultivated Trumpet Royale and Maitake to Imported Bluefoots, Cordyceps and Cauliflower Mushrooms to the prized Wild Mount Shasta Morels, Porcini and Southern Oregon Matsutake.