With a commitment to supporting local farms and showcasing their exceptional offerings our produce selections are a tribute to the dedication and hard work of those who cultivate the land with passion and care. 

We believe in the transformative power of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, not only for their superior taste and quality but also for their positive impact on our community and environment. By sourcing directly from nearby farmers, we foster meaningful relationships and contribute to the sustainability of our local agricultural ecosystem.


No relationship has been more important throughout the conceptual evolution of Dorsia Provisions as well as than with the farming community in Northern California. The products I dreamed about during the cold winter months in Pennsylvania were a motivating force to work my way westward in the kitchen. The overwhelming bounty of the Bay Area's local produce is one of the reasons that this will always be one of the greatest food cities in the world. Working closely with Brokaw Ranch, Knoll Organic Farms, McGinnis Ranch, G.L. Alfieri, Lonely Mountain and Zuckerman’s Farm to name a few we work with the best farms whose ethos and commitment to quality parallel ours.