Black Winter Truffle- “Perigord”

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Tuber Melanosporum

(December - April)

The famed truffle which is named after the unassuming French Region that lies north-east of Bordeaux is the jewel of the winter and one of the most coveted treasures that the earth produces during the cold, harsh days of winter.  

Redolent of dark chocolate, this deeply earthy tuber has a muskiness that is best utilized with applications of heat in the kitchen, unlike it’s more feminine, delicate white cousin (Tuber Magnatum). Chopped into sauces, shaved and lightly toasted, these dark gems unleash their fragrant musk into anything they encounter. A slight hint of Cognac (also a relevant marking on the map, the commune which lies north-west of Perigord) can be detected in the riper varieties found in Mid to late winter.

1 oz. Piece 

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